WORKSAFELY® COR® meeting update

MHCA WORKSAFELY®’s COR® meeting on November 2 discussed time-loss injury rates, where participants learned that workers getting struck by objects was the primary risk area.

The meeting, at the Holiday Inn Express and via Zoom, attracted 23 people in-person and, 12 participants via Zoom. The meeting included representatives from SAFE Work MB, Workplace Safety and Health and WORKSAFELY®.

Dwight Doell, from SAFE Work MB, covered a number of topics including the past time-loss rates per 100 full-time employees. In heavy construction, for the year 2022, the rate was 4.0. Doell also discussed the top 3 injury/illness events in heavy construction that consisted of contact with objects and equipment, bodily reaction and exertion and falls.

Darren James, from Workplace Safety and Health, gave an update on focus-areas surrounding heavy construction, primarily concrete, excavation and trenches and sewer & water. James said the No. 1 injury event is workers being struck by objects.

WORKSAFELY® Director Don Hurst capped off the meeting summarizing WORKSAFELY®’s 2023 successes and the new harmonized Audit Tool. Focus was on the new element of Procurement and Contractor Management that will be introduced in January 2024.

Thank you to all who attended. For more information on topics discussed, please contact Jessie Smith at