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MHCA WorkSafely is proud to introduce SiteDocs: the essential tool for structuring, supporting and reinforcing workplace safety & health practices in your workplace.

SiteDocs is a digital platform that stores, organizes and submits all of your company’s documentation in workplace health and safety – electronically categorized and displayed via the SiteDocs app, exclusively available for iPad and iPhone, and SiteDocs web-based program.

With SiteDocs, you can:

  • Provide instant access to training materials, emergency contact information, and instructions for orientation to employees
  • Sign and submit documents including Hazard Assessments, Tool Box Talks, and Inspections digitally with customized comments and photo caption options
  • Effectively manage employees and their work sites from the office, home, or on-location
  • Easily input, monitor and store information in preparation for yearly audits, including safety manuals, practices/procedures and MSDS/WHMIS
  • Oversee your employee’s participation in your company’s safety program
  • Review hazards and outstanding inspection items for each project in real time
  • Have instant access to the tools and resources needed to becoming COR® Certified
  • Connect with WorkSafely Safety Advisors for questions, feedback and information regarding your audit, procedures, and the overall COR® Certification Program
  • And more!


Work Off-Line
Whether you’re inputting data in the office or filling out a form on-site, SiteDocs will store then automatically synchronize and update itself once you’ve entered a Wi-Fi zone.

Real-Time Monitoring
Instantly skim through your Safety Feed and stay up-to-date about your various work sites, employees, and submitted safety documents.

Instant Access
Have instant access to your company’s Workplace Health & Safety manuals, documents and information – reviewed, signed and submitted by employees on any given work site, regardless of location.

Paperless System
Work in a paperless environment that’s reliable, safe, secure and easy to manage – saving you time and money.

Employee Profiles
You can instantly track every employee with their SiteDocs personal profile, which showcases their contact information, education and certification as well as all documentation they’ve submitted.

Consistent and Secure
Retrieve, review and submit all Workplace Safety & Health documents, filled out and submitted legibly and consistently with SiteDocs.

Automatic & Simultaneous Organization
Access and share your current Workplace Safety & Health documents automatically and simultaneously amongst all employees.

Effective Time Management
With SiteDocs, the time you invest in your company’s workplace safety & health practices is twofold: you’ll be authorizing effective workplace safety & health practices that are instantly integrated into any given project, while efficiently managing your company’s time, money, and administrative duties invested in workplace health & safety.

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