COR® rEciprocity

A company that has COR® certification issued by a member of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations in another province or territory, but does not have a permanent office in Manitoba, can apply for reciprocity.

The following documentation is required to request COR® reciprocity from WORKSAFELY®:

  • An application for reciprocity
  • Last external audit
  • Last internal audit
  • Completed WORKSAFELY® Element 14 with supporting documentation
  • Letter of current training from certifying association (two people must have:  Leadership of Safety Excellence, Principles of Health and Safety Management, Auditor Training Program, and Train the Trainer)
  • Administration fee – $200

 For more information, please contact us.

Reciprocity companies

  • Tollifson Cable Services Ltd.
  • Tristar Electric Inc.
  • In-Line Contracting Ltd.
  • Potzus Paving and Road Maintenance Ltd.
  • West – Can Seal Coating Inc.
  • Julmac Contracting Ltd.
  • Marathon Underground Constructor’s Corporation