2019 marked 30 years of the MHCA providing dedicated safety services and programming to the heavy construction industry.

From the outset, the safety program in the heavy construction industry was driven by the demand from and experience of our industry.  The program has evolved from the provision of advice and training to a comprehensive, nationally recognized certification system designed for our industry.

Our success reflects the fact this programming was developed by industry for industry.

What does over 30 years of safety success look like?

  • Injury rate reduced from 7.5/100 workers in 2000 to 3.6 in 2017
  • Average compensation rates for the industry reduced from $3.72 in 2000 to $1.67 in 2018
  • Number of COR® companies grow from 40 in 2001 to 340 in 2018 – 75% of our industry’s workforce
  • Industry-based COR® certification becomes mandatory in 2014 for all government construction projects >$100,000
  • In 2016, WCB introduces safety certification for other industries based on the COR® model
  • Industry’s investment pays off through the new 15% rebate for COR® certified companies in 2018