SAFE Roads Summer 2021 Kickoff

This week marks the beginning of the SAFE Roads 2021 campaign. Road rage is increasingly threatening people who work on or near our roadways. Workers have been injured and are encountering more near misses because motorists are impatient driving through construction zones and around other roadwork crews.

Established in 2004, the SAFE Roads vision is to educate motorists and the general public to practice respectful and safe-driving practices to protect the safety of construction, utility, emergency services personnel, equipment operators and all those who work in or adjacent to our province’s roadways.

There’s never a good reason for taking out your frustration on the road, particularly on the people who work on or near the roads. As the Safe Roads campaign theme reminds us: Keep rage off the road. Just slow down and drive cautiously when you’re near road work crews.

For more information on the 2021 SAFE Roads campaign, you can visit SAFE Work Manitoba’s page here or view the campaign video here. For assistance with keeping your road construction zone safe, contact your regional advisor.