Getting back to basics

We’ve all been heavily consumed by adjusting to COVID-19 realities in the workplace. Other priorities can easily slide. But it’s important, now, to make sure you don’t overlook the basics of your COR® safety program. Your COR® program is the foundation of a solid safety and health system.

As part of your review of the basics you will want to ensure:

  • Your safe work practices and procedures are up to date and accurately reflect your company’s activities
  • PPE fitting and testing requirements are updated
  • Workers and supervisors are trained in all required areas
  • Safety meetings and tool box talks are being held regularly
  • Emergency procedures are known for all worksites and tested at least once per year
  • All required policies and company rules are reviewed by management and posted if necessary

So, with your COR® program in place, you have all tools at your disposal to address safety challenges.  With work on our job sites in full swing, put your COR® program to work for you to address the physical or occupational health  hazards on your workplaces.

We want to express our thanks to all companies in continuing the great work of maintaining their safety programs throughout the last year. If you have any concerns while reviewing your safety program, please contact your WORKSAFELY™ safety advisor.