Drive with care around snow-clearing equipment


MHCA® WORKSAFELY® is saddened to hear of a fatality that occurred during snow clearing last month.  Reports indicate that the accident occurred when a motorist was passing snow clearing equipment late at night and at a high rate of speed.  There have been many reported near misses this year over the last. When driving near snow-removal equipment remember:

  • When moving, snow clearing equipment can create snow clouds that may impede your visibility. Always give the equipment lots of space and be prepared to stop suddenly.
  • Snow clearing often leaves one cleaner lane and one with snow. Be cautious when moving from one to the other.
  • Only pass when safe to do so and pass on the left side as snow is often removed to the right.
  • When unsure what the operator is doing or how to proceed, approach slowly and make eye contact with the driver who will signal you.
  • Make sure your vehicle is cleaned of snow and its lights are visible so operators can see you clearly.
  • Be patient! Operators may not be able to see you due to limited visibility from their seat.

The Safe Roads Manitoba winter safe driving campaign urges all Manitoba drivers to “Stay Back and Stay Safe” when approaching snow-clearing equipment.  For more information, please refer to the Safe Roads Manitoba website here.