Pre – season policy and documentation updates


With the construction industry preparing for the upcoming season, now might be a good time to review the effectiveness of your safety program. Once you have your safety and health program established, documentation and record keeping become critical elements to ensuring the program’s effectiveness. The skillful management of your program includes continually gathering evidence of your program and all its components. You must be able to demonstrate how you are implementing your safety and health policies, procedures, practices, inspections, testing, training, etc. Your documentation supplements and benefits your safety and health program by:

  • Providing evidence of your proactive safety and health program and compliance with provincial safety and health legislation
  • Assisting with continuous improvement
  • Demonstrating your commitment to ongoing improvement
  • Informing company management/ownership of safety performance
  • Identifying trends in the safety and health program

Once you have your documentation in place, where do you store it?

WORKSAFELY® offers a safety management software, e-COR®, that allows your safety and health program to go paperless. This allows you to quickly retrieve all hazard assessments, inspections, incident reports, training certifications, safety talks and more.

E-COR® enables you to easily confirm supporting documentation of your safety and health program, all with just a few clicks!

For more information on e-COR®, please contact Phil McDaniel at 204-947-1379 or your regional safety advisor.