Save time and effort with an electronic COR® audit


As many of us know, staying up to date with safety programs and rules in the heavy construction industry involves a lot of paper work. It can be challenging to gather and organize all the information for a COR® audit, then score and calculate the data to generate an audit report. A simpler way to conduct your next audit can be using EasyCOR® as part of our e-COR® online platform.

e-COR® is a digital platform that stores, organizes and submits all of your company’s documentation for workplace health and safety, including customizable forms, pictures and signatures. The purpose of digital safety is not only to simplify our programs – and by extension, our workloads – but also to get safety into the hands of our workers.

EasyCOR® gives companies a platform to electronically generate COR® audits simply by filling out the online report template. While completing the audit, the program automatically scores the audit and generates a report that can be sent to your advisor at the click of a button. This cuts the time and work involved in the process.

This new SITEDOCS®-based audit application is available at no charge to our COR® companies, whether or not they are a SITEDOCS® user. We encourage you to give it a try!

To view a short video explaining EasyCOR® and the e-COR® online platform click here. For more information on Easy-COR® or about our e-COR® program, please contact your WORKSAFELY® regional advisor or Sarah Craig at 204-947-1379.