COR ® companies

These companies have been verified by (and certified through) WORKSAFELY® as meeting all elements of the COR® program.

MHCA applauds, as well,  all of its members who have achieved the nationally recognized COR® through any member of  the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).

See the list of companies with COR® reciprocity.

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There are currently 32 companies in this directory beginning with the letter M.
M A Iron Works Inc.

Macaw MacDonald Ltd.

Main-Line Enterprises Ltd.

Manitoba infrastructure - water management

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 1

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 2

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 3

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 4

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 5

Manitoba Infrastructure, Materials and Engineering Branch

Manto Sipi Cree Nation

Maple Leaf Construction Ltd.

Marquette Gravel Supply 2000 Inc.

Matheson Island Community Council

McKeens Trucking Service Ltd.

MDM Sand & Gravel Ltd.

Mee-Mee-Wee-Seepi Development Corporation

Mehkana Development Corporation

Meseyton Construction Ltd

Metro Piling Ltd.

Mid Canada Hydroseeding

MidCanada Environmental Services Ltd.

Midnorth Development Corporation

Midwest Industrial Services

Mikahnow Construction Ltd.

Miller Environmental Corporation

Mr. Boomtruck Inc.

Multicrete Contracting Inc.

Multicrete Precast Inc.

Municipality of Harrison Park

Municipality of Lorne

Municipality of Russell-Binscarth