COR ® companies

These companies have been verified by (and certified through) WORKSAFELY® as meeting all elements of the COR® program.

MHCA applauds, as well,  all of its members who have achieved the nationally recognized COR® through any member of  the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).

See the list of companies with COR® reciprocity.

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There are currently 27 companies in this directory beginning with the letter C.
C & B Stirling Enterprises Ltd.

C & C Rentals Ltd.

Cal McKay Construction

Cam Arrow 2019 Ltd.

Cambrian Excavators Ltd.

Campbell Construction Inc.

Canyon Contracting Ltd.

Castle Oilfield Construction

CD Oilwell Servicing Ltd.

Cement Works Inc.

Centennial Gravel & Excavating Ltd.

Chabot Enterprises Ltd. o/a L. Chabot Enterprises Ltd.

City Mix Inc.

City of Winnipeg - Wastewater Services Division

City of Winnipeg - Water Services Division

City of Winnipeg – Public Works – Engineering Division

City of Winnipeg – Public Works – Parks and Open Space Division

City of Winnipeg – Public Works – Streets Maintenance Division

City of Winnipeg – Public Works – Transportation Division

City of Winnipeg – Solid Waste Services Division

Cook Bros. Cartage Ltd.

Country Ventures Repair and Maintenance Ltd.

Crane & Timber Inc.

Cros-Man Direct Underground Ltd.

Cross Country Field Services Ltd.

Crown Pipeline Ltd.

Curb 2 Curb Maintenance