COR ® companies

These companies have been verified by (and certified through) WorkSafely as meeting all elements of the COR® program.

MHCA applauds, as well,  all of its members who have achieved the nationally recognized COR® through any member of  the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).

See the list of companies with COR® reciprocity.

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There are currently 20 companies in this directory beginning with the letter D.
D K Landscaping Ltd.

D&D McCaughan & Son Ltd.

Dan’s Excavating Ltd.

Darco Group Ltd.

Delaurier Concrete & Construction Ltd.

Dennis Friesen

Derksen Trucking Ltd.

Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd.

Dickinson Mowing & Spraying

Dig All Construction (1994) Ltd.

Dirt Pro Inc.

DJN Services Ltd.

Dominion Divers (2003) Ltd.

Don Sikora Contracting Ltd.

Double A Construction WPG

Double J Contracting

Down Under Directional Drilling Inc.

Down Under Excavating Ltd.

Dyck Construction (Wpgosis)Ltd.

Dytron Ltd.