COR® is a business strategy, investment


The 350 companies that are COR® certified through MHCA WORKSAFELY™ employ approximately 75% of the workforce in Manitoba’s heavy construction industry.

COR® is our industry’s way of saying we care about our employees, customers and the job we do. Being COR™ certified means your company performs at the highest standards of safety, and assures your clients that your company truly values safety and adheres to the best, nationally recognized safety program. It assists you to create a strong image among your customers, industry and authorities.

Are you promoting your company as COR® certified? The reputational impact of COR® is substantial. Being COR® certified reinforces your company’s commitment to safety excellence and attracts safety-conscious workers to your company. Also, often COR® companies get more work as they qualify ahead of uncertified companies for certain jobs.

If you are COR® certified and would like to promote your company’s commitment to safety, please contact WORKSAFELY™ at 204-947-1379 for COR® decals, posters, and signs. We can help showcase your commitment to safety!