Some injuries more common as season wanes


Workplace injuries do not happen at a consistent rate all year long. Studies done in the heavy construction industry show injuries rise during the late summer and into the fall, as the construction season comes to an end.

We want to remind our industry to take care during this busy season, but also stress the importance of safe-work practices in preventing injuries.

A study done for the Manitoba Workers Compensation Board found the most common work-related injuries during this busy time are sprains and strains. A further look into specific incident reports for sprains and strains shows that the most frequently injured body parts are the back, leg and ankle. These injuries are commonly caused by slips and trips, lifting, pushing and pulling.

This is a good time to review your return-to-work procedures to minimize the number and duration of time-lost instances that may extend beyond the construction season.

WORKSAFELY™’s focus is to provide our industry with tools needed to reduce workplace injuries.

If you would like to learn more about preventing workplace injuries, visit our website at and click on the Safety Talk link. Additionally, training in sprain and strain injury prevention can be tailored to individual companies throughout the year. Please contact Kristen Ranson for more information at 204-947-1379.