Cold weather safety

We’re entering the peak of the winter season and it is important to remain diligent of cold weather hazards. The most common cold-weather dangers are slips, trips and falls. We want to encourage companies to take steps to protect against weather risks where possible.

Good housekeeping and inspections, for example, can help keep walkways and platforms clear and hazard-free. 

If it’s cold outside, there is heightened risk of hypothermia to workers. Provide them with the required equipment to work safely in freezing temperatures. This could include good gear, waterproof foot-wear, warm clothing and safe-work conditions.  

Because cold or snowy weather – and periods of thaw — can cause unusual conditions and higher risks, it is important to train your workers on safe-work practices and procedures. They should understand the dangers of exposed skin, inadequate protective wear and, as well, cold, wet or slippery equipment. 

Take time to think about bad weather and the impact on your work site and employees to raise awareness and reduce the risk.