Changes to reporting meeting minutes

For those who do not yet know there were some changes made to the workplace safety and health legislation in September, 2019. A key change is an amendment to part 3.7 (2) removing the phrase “the branch and to” from the regulation.

Currently, the regulation reads:


3.7(2) An employer or prime contractor must, within seven days of receiving a copy of the minutes of a committee meeting, ensure that a copy is sent to the branch and to each committee member.

The amendment is as follows: Subsection 3.7(2) is amended by striking out “the branch and to”.

This means that meeting minutes need not be sent to “the branch” (i.e. workplace safety and health) and need only be distributed to each committee member. For a full list of amendments click here.

Important to remember is that there are other requirements for safety representatives/committees detailed in the act and regulations. To learn more, sign up for our workplace safety representatives/committee training by contacting your regional safety advisor or