Sun exposure awareness month


Spring brings extended daylight hours and long periods outdoors. It is essential our industry be aware of the risks associated with sun exposure.  May is sun awareness month & skin cancer awareness month. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause a variety of ailments. Knowing how to protect yourself can greatly reduce the risk of skin cancers and injuries, such as sun burn.

To help mitigate sun-exposure hazards:

  • Wear long, light-colored clothing while working outdoors
  • Apply sun screen to exposed skin (neck, hands, ears, etc.) and remember to reapply regularly Ask for help to apply sun screen to hard-to-reach areas
  • Use a UV-blocking lip balm
  • Take regular breaks in shade or indoors
  • Wear UV-protective, CSA-approved safety glasses
  • SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Multiply the SPF by 10 to know how many minutes you can stay in the sun without burning
  • Sunlight doesn’t have to be direct to do damage. Light reflected off surfaces such as sand, water, concrete and snow also cause UV exposure.

Remember to stay diligent throughout the construction season to control sun exposure hazards. For questions or concerns regarding sun exposure, please contact your regional safety advisor.