Our Role in Roadway Safety


The SafeRoads campaign for this season aimed at educating the public on the importance of driving safely around roadwork zones launched last week.  It marked the 20th year anniversary for the annual campaign.

While the campaign is there to remind the public to navigate construction zones with caution and care, we as an industry must also reinforce our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards for our workers and ourselves.

Here are some top tips to share with your workers:

  1. Visible Boundaries: Always ensure that your work zone has clear and visible signage, polyposts, barrels, and barriers. These are critical not only for motorist awareness but also for defining safe working areas for our teams. Refer to your Traffic Control coordinator for appropriate controls. 
  2. High-Visibility Gear: All personnel should wear high-visibility clothing that meets industry standards. Reflective vests, shirts, and hard hats help ensure that workers are seen by passing drivers, especially during the early morning, late evening, or in poor weather conditions.
  3. Training: Regularly conduct toolbox talks that cover the specifics of road work safety. These should include how to set up a road work zone, emergency response actions, and safe equipment operation near traffic. Ensure to review in-depth these fundamentals, at the beginning of each season, in your worker orientation training, and even the most experienced workers need refresher training.
  4. Communication: Maintain clear and constant communication among all team members. Use walkie-talkies or other communication devices to alert workers to any incoming dangers or changes in the environment.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings: When the workplace is a roadway, conditions can change in an instant.  Be vigilant and constantly aware of your surroundings and proximity to traffic.