Spring training reminder


With the heavy construction beginning now would be an excellent time to ensure your workers are trained and ready for any given situation that might arise in the upcoming construction season.

As you review your training needs, remember to think of certifications set to expire, and the needs of returning and new workers. We continue to offer training online via ZOOM® while our office remains closed to the public, including options for customized training. Our COR® courses will give your workers and company an advantage, having workers familiar with legislated safety requirements, the elements of a COR® safety program and its audit process.

Training is especially important when completing your annual COR® audit. Whether a first-time auditor of if you want to refresh your skills, we have Auditor training available.

I encourage you to contact your regional advisor to discuss your training needs, and whether they can be delivered in your workplace or online via video conferencing. To schedule training contact Kristen Ranson at Kristen@mhca.mb.ca. To see our training calendar please click here.