Read the sign, slow down and keep road workers safe

Don Hurst, Director of Worksafely speaks at the Brandon SAFE Roads launch
Don Hurst, Director of WORKSAFELY™ speaks at the Brandon SAFE Roads launch

Being part of the heavy construction industry, you see firsthand the dangers of working on a road construction project. MHCA is a part of a group of community stakeholders who make up the SAFE Roads committee.

The SAFE Roads committee’s goal is raising public awareness for the safety of roadside workers including flaggers, utility and roadside emergency-response workers. For 15 years, the committee has focused its message towards Manitoba motorists, urging them to read the signs, slow down and drive safe. The 2019 campaign consists of radio, billboard and transit bus ads in Brandon and Winnipeg. The ads carry the key message “Slow down. We work where you drive.”

The SAFE Roads Spring Campaign launched on May 16 in Winnipeg and Brandon. This is a good reminder to ensure that your company meets the training requirements for your flaggers and your traffic control coordinators. To register for this training please contact Kristen at

Make sure you look out for these ads, and drive safe!