Flagperson training – first step to controlling traffic hazards

With the heavy construction season underway, it is paramount that you remember the role and safety of your flagpersons.

Training your workers to become certified flagpersons is the first step, but once they are on the job it is important to ensure that they work in safe environments throughout the season.

Get the gear – flagpersons are required to wear:

  • Protective headwear of a fluorescent color, augmented during hours of darkness with a retro-reflective material or combined materials securely attached to the headwear in such a manner as to provide 360 degree visibility to others
  • High-visibility safety apparel that is fluorescent yellow-green and meets or exceeds CSA Class 3 Level 2
  • CSA-approved safety footwear

Location – ensure that your flagperson can be easily seen by motorists. Inspect the work area for safety hazards throughout the day. Always plan an escape route.

Signs – ensure that proper signage is located to allow motorists time to adjust and react before putting flagpersons at risk of injury.

Communication – establish a clear line of communication, either visually or by two-way radio.

Health – keep in mind flagpersons are exposed to all kinds of weather. When it’s warm, they need liquids to ensure they stay hydrated.

Additionally, remember that your flagpersons must be recertified every three years. For more information on flagperson training, please contact Kristen at 204-947-1379.