Proper respirator fit


With respirators, one size does not fit all. If a respirator doesn’t fit right, it can’t protect you. Even when a respirator does fit properly, it can get knocked out of position while you are working, causing dangerous leaks.

To ensure optimal safety, here are some tips on how to protect yourself:

  • You must be properly trained by a competent person in the proper fit, testing, maintenance, use and cleaning of the equipment
  • Ensure you do a fit test every time you put the respirator on throughout your work day
  • Ensure you are clean shaven to get the best possible seal
  • Know how to determine if the filters have reached their end-of-life
  • And never wear a respirator that may be defective

If you have any questions regarding proper respirator use and fit testing, please contact your WORKSAFELY® regional safety advisor.