never miss reporting a near miss!

Staying in Touch: Jacquelyn Oduro

A “near miss” is a potential hazard or incident in which no property was damaged and no personal injury was sustained. However, given a slight change in time or position, damage or injury could have easily occurred.

Near misses are leading indicators of health and safety performance.

Some examples of near misses include:

  • A worker is working on an elevated platform without fall protection
  • A tool falls from above and almost hits a worker in the head
  • A worker slips while climbing a ladder but manages to hold on
  • You’re driving and swerve to miss hitting a deer

It’s important to encourage your workers to report near misses as it can reduce risk, demonstrate trends and establish a safe and healthy working environment.

For more information and resources on reporting near misses, please contact your regional safety advisor or visit our website.