heavy construction job portal

Staying in Touch: Jacquelyn Oduro

Did you know that we have our own job portal?

Our Jobs page on our website can be used as a recruitment tool and is designed to help our industry recruit and develop a powerful workforce. It allows member companies to advertise job openings, and workers to post their resumes.

As well, our website has a couple new additions to the Explore Careers section: What is Heavy Construction? And Explore Careers.

What is Heavy Construction? consists of some intro knowledge and some fun facts!

And Explore Careers discusses 6 skilled occupations in the heavy construction industry, their job description and their pay range.

So, if your company has a job to fill, submit one here, and if you’re a worker looking for more information on the industry, click here. If you need assistance posting a job opening or your resume, contact Kristen at Kristen@mhca.mb.ca.