MHCA meets potential workers at Manitoba Start session

MHCA’s Trevor Shwaluk and Jessie Smith give an introduction to the heavy construction industry

At a recent Manitoba Start information session on April 13, MHCA Workforce heard several newcomers are eager to start work in the heavy construction industry.

Being the leading provider of career development services to the Province, MB Start is the first step for all new immigrants and international students. They aid in connecting people with settlement, orientation, language and employment services.

The successful session attracted 16 clients along with and was aided by 4 of Manitoba Start’s career counsellors and a few translators.

MHCA Workforce representatives Trevor Shwaluk and Jessie Smith discussed the heavy construction industry and opportunities in the field. Participants heard about different career avenues in the industry and how to go about finding employment.

The clients had many questions and showed great interest in heavy construction.

MHCA Workforce is encouraging all job seekers to post their resumes on MHCA’s job/hiring portal here. We encourage companies in the industry to do the same.