Long weekend roadwork safety

With the long weekend quickly approaching, traffic is anticipated to increase in and around construction zones. Although it is important to always be mindful around construction zones, we want to stress the need for extra caution around and during the long weekend ahead.

It’s a good time now to remind workers about safety protocol.

Here are some points to focus on:

  • In road work, whenever possible face traffic as you work
  • Always be aware of changing traffic conditions
  • While working, be sure you’re not inadvertently moving closer to traffic
  • Know where work vehicles and equipment are at all times
  • Slow it down – staying focused on what you’re doing saves you from mistakes and accidents
  • Review flagger safety procedures

For resources, including safety talks, that address hazards of road construction please visit our website. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact your regional advisor.

Stay safe this long weekend!