Head protection


Hard hats play an important role in keeping you safe on the job. However, they cannot do their job if they aren’t properly worn, maintained and replaced when needed.

There are many dangers that can be prevented by using a hard hat including falling objects from above, possibility of head contact with electrical hazards and a chance of bumping against objects.

Proper care and wear:

  • Inspect your hard hat every day prior to use. If you see holes, cracks or other damage, replace it!
  • A hard hat should be worn facing forward unless it has a reverse orientation mark
  • Always keep your hard hat properly adjusted
  • Never drill holes in or paint a hard hat

As a crew, it’s important to inspect your hard hats by checking the shell for cracks, dents or gouges, check the suspension for cracks or tears and always remove the hard hat from service if there are any signs of damage found.

For more information on head protection, visit our website or contact your regional WORKSAFELY® advisor.