Keep our workers, job sites free of COVID-19 again this year

COVID-19 threw new challenges at us over the last year, but our industry was among the few permitted to continue operating as much of the business sector saw shutdowns.

As spring approaches, we must remember that the health and safety protocols set in place to control the risks presented by the coronavirus remain in place. Manitoba currently is seeing case numbers fall, but the new variants appearing are good reason to redouble our focus and attention on these safety policies and procedures on the job.

Physical distancing, wearing a mask, frequent sanitizing of equipment and of hands need to continue to happen on all worksites this season.

Additionally, Workplace Safety & Health has shared with us the 6 key points they will be inspecting at workplaces in regards to COVID-19 which include:

  • Health screening
  • Physical distancing & other controls
  • General hygiene & sanitization
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Communication & education
  • High risk workers (vulnerable workers)

We follow the health and safety protocols because it’s the right thing to do, because we want ourselves and our coworkers to be healthy and to safely return home to our families.  Let’s ensure this coming season is as successful and safe as the last!