Flagger and road worker safety


Already, in these early days of the construction season, we have received several reports of near misses that almost resulted in injury at our roadside construction zones. We at MHCA WORKSAFELY® can’t stress enough the importance of keeping our flaggers and road crews safe.

As you work in construction, you know better than most that safety starts and ends with your decisions and your own conduct. Even well-trained construction workers need daily reminders about safety protocol, throughout the season.

Here are some reminders to focus on:

  • In road work, whenever possible face traffic as you work
  • Always be aware of and communicate changing traffic conditions
  • While working, be sure you’re not inadvertently moving closer to traffic
  • Know where work vehicles and equipment are at all times
  • Slow it down – staying focused on what you’re doing saves you from mistakes and accidents
  • Review flagger safety procedures and training

The theme of the new SAFE Roads campaign is “Speeding will get you here faster,” and can be found by clicking here. For resources that help you keep your workers safe, please contact your WORKSAFELY® regional advisor.

Additionally, if your worksite or workers have had incidents where your flagger or road workers were put in danger, please advise your advisor or myself (don@mhca.mb.ca), as we are in constant communication with the province on road-site safety measures.