End of the year training

With the construction season closing soon, it is a good time to take stock of what is needed for your company, to ensure your workers are prepared for the next construction season.  

As you review your training needs, remember to think of certifications set to expire, what is required for returning workers, as well as for new workers. We continue to offer training at MHCA’s office along with different options for customized training. These courses will give your company a leg up in the new season, having workers familiar with legislated safety requirements, the elements of a COR safety program, and the COR audit process.

I encourage you to contact your regional advisor, discuss your training needs, whether they can be delivered in your workplace, or at the scheduled training available at the MHCA office. To schedule training contact Kristen Ranson at 204-594-9056 or Kristen@mhca.mb.ca.