Eliminate paper, put safety in your workers’ hands with e-COR™

Wish the paper work for your COR™ program were a little easier? Do away with paper all together?

The MHCA WORKSAFELY™ team wants to help you with that. WORKSAFELY offers you the option of going paperless through an electronic app called e-COR, which serves as your safety manual.

With 75% of our industry COR certified, we know that WORKSAFELY‘s COR™ program helps the heavy construction industry achieve strong safety and health programs. The WORKSAFELY team can help you create your safety and health program manual.

For those looking to do away with the paper, e-COR™ is a digital platform that stores, organizes and submits all of your company’s documentation for workplace health and safety. Going electronic doesn’t just simplify our programs – and by extension, our workloads – but it also gets safety in the hands of our workers.

The more than 80 WORKSAFELY™ companies who use this digital safety and health program say e-COR has helped them manage their safety and health program and execute the key principles of COR.

For more information on our e-COR program, please contact Phil McDaniel at 204-947-1379.