Disability management system


While most companies have a productive safety program and manage it efficiently, often missing is a plan to assist injured employees to return to the workplace.

This process can be lengthy and confusing as it includes working with WCB, third-party insurance providers, or MPI claims.

To aid in this difficult process, MHCA WORKSAFELY® has developed a new course that will help navigate the return-to-work and disability management process.

Designed to provide a comprehensive Disability Management Program (DMP), it will include:

  • Describing what a disability management program is, its purposes and why it is required
  • A complete Disability Management Policy and program elements
  • How to implement a disability management program in your workplace
  • Instruction on how to use the policy and forms
    • How to manage injured employee claims/files, both work and non-work related
    • What steps to take, who to contact and forms that need to be filled out
    • How to properly document at each step injury and claims information
    • Instruction on claims processing with corporate and government agencies

To register for this course, please contact Kristen at Kristen@mhca.mb.ca or your WORKSAFELY® regional safety advisor.