A year of legalized cannabis in review

It has been just over one year since recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada. Looking back, companies and the industry have learned a lot from the experience.

Many employers in the heavy construction industry have been diligent in making changes to their alcohol and drug policies as well as to their definitions of impairment and fit-for-duty. In reviewing policies and procedures for cannabis it has led to examining other areas of impairment in the workplace such as stress, sleep deprivation, and over the counter medications.

Employers have been proactive in training workers on signs and symptoms of impairment and we encourage companies to ask questions to raise awareness. The one-year mark of the legalization of cannabis has shone a light on impairment the right of an employer to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for their workers where drug use and impairment are concerned.  

Have you reviewed your policy in the year since cannabis has been legalized? If you need assistance with your alcohol and drug policy, please contact your regional safety advisor.