3-week Intro to Heavy Construction course

Some 14 students were introduced to the basics of working in the heavy construction industry in a training initiative at MHCA’s classrooms in May.

The students, part of a larger initiative of the Manitoba Construction Sector Council, worked with safety advisors and industry members from May 8 – May 26, at the MHCA.

The project was targeted towards individuals within underrepresented groups such as indigenous people, women and youth. The 8-week MCSC course discussed job readiness and skills for success, focused specifically on Introduction to Heavy Construction.

MHCA WORKSAFELY® staff led them through the basic skills needed to be successful in our industry including Worker Orientation, WHMIS and heavy equipment simulator training.

Throughout the program, MHCA called on industry speakers to give some insight to their companies’ operations and those of the industry as a whole.

Some resumes of those who successfully completed the course will be posted on the MHCA website. To access them, please click here.