WORKSAFELY® COR® Meeting Update


Mental health, timely locates highlighted at WORKSAFELY®’S COR® MEETING

WORKSAFELY®’s March 30th COR® meeting was delivered both in-person and via videoconference, which covered the following updates:

  • Brenda Preston of St. John Ambulance spoke on mental health awareness and managing stress through the pandemic.
    • The many strains on our personal and professional lives over the past two years due to rapidly changing restrictions compound the stigma attached to mental health issues .
    • John Ambulance can provide resources and training to help workers cope.
  • Rob Morrison recapped the Manitoba Common Ground Alliance work on accelerating locates, going into the 2022 construction season.
    • MCGA 201 standard has been implemented and the Alliance will soon be offering the standard certification as part of an online course.
    • April is Dig Safe Month and MCGA will be continuing to provide awareness of digging safely both professionally and at home.
  • Peter Malegus of SAFE Work Manitoba reported current industry injury trends remain low.
    • on-going prevention strategies include MSI prevention, occupational disease & illness prevention, psychological health & safety and young worker injury prevention.
  • Don Hurst capped off the meeting summarizing WORKSAFELY®’s 2022 priorities, including:
    • sustained lower injury rates for the industry
    • working with SAFE Work Manitoba in its review of training standards
    • return-to-work training and disability-management course implementation
    • construction-site safety and enforcement issues

Thank you to all who attended. For more information on topics discussed please contact Sarah Craig at