Tailor your safety programs to your workers, company

WORKSAFELY™ wants to make sure that you know where to go to get the information you need to work safely this construction season. We have many resources to help protect your workers and your company.

WORKSAFELY™’s customized safety manual

We understand it can be difficult to start your own health and safety program. Our WORKSAFELY team will work with you to customize your safety manual, fitting policies, procedures and practices to your company’s needs. Whether you’re developing a new health and safety program or improving the one you already have, we will ensure it applies specifically to your workplace.


Moving to a digital safety manual can save you time, and that saves you money. It also helps with compliance. WORKSAFELY can help you adopt, with the SiteDoc app, e-COR™ so your company can electronically store, organize and submit all documentation for workplace safety and health. e-COR™ gives you to instantly access your safety and health program, sign and submit documents, manage employees and worksites, and also review hazards and outstanding inspection items.

For more information please contact Delaney at delaney@mhca.mb.ca.