safety working on roadways

As we move into the last weeks of summer, we can feel in a hurry to enjoy every minute. Being in a hurry as we move through construction zones can put other motorists, pedestrians and those working on those roadways at risk of injury. It is important for motorists to slow down, obey all signs and posted speed limits as well as for roadside workers to be alert to their surroundings.

Be sure that:

  • Workers are trained for their duties including reviewing safe work practices and procedures.  
  • The correct traffic-control plan is in place for your worksite with clearly marked signage and correctly placed barriers and cones.
  • All workers on site are wearing correct PPE such as boots, hardhats, glasses, and reflective clothing.
  • Inspections are being completed and documented. This includes equipment, PPE, and the worksite itself.  

For more resources on roadside construction contact your regional safety advisor or visit our website www.