Safety leadership during the pandemic

Our first virtual WORKSAFELY™ COR™ meeting was a success, with over 30 people in attendance.  COR™ meetings allow us to share industry trends and news, and this meeting also gave the opportunity to connect during these restricted times.

The November 4th meeting’s highlights included:

  • The topic of COVID-19 was covered with the focus on testing, isolation, waiting for results and when to return to work.
  • Darren James and Andrea Hohne, from Workplace Safety & Health, gave an update on inspections in regards to COVID-19. COVID-19 inspections will cover 6 key elements:
    • Programs for high-risk workers
    • Daily health checks
    • Social distancing
    • General hygiene measures
    • PPE
    • General worker education and training
  • Peter Malegus, from SAFE Work Manitoba, reported on program updates including the young worker and the MSI renewal strategy. He also reported that SAFE Work Manitoba offers a free COVID-19 webinar.
  • The WORKSAFELY™ update included congratulating Peter Henry on winning the 2020 Safety Leader Award; COVID-19 audit process; and, that e-learning will be offered on the WORKSAFELY™ website in the next coming weeks.

Thank you to all that attended and to Workplace Safety & Health and SAFE Work Manitoba for their contributions.