Safety and health week


WORKSAFELY®, together with our Safety and Health Week partners and the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, has worked hard to promote and advance the goals of Safety and Health Week.

One of the most important aspects of Safety and Health Week is awareness. We want every workplace and community to have a hand in making Safety and Health Week a success.

The goal of Safety and Health Week is to focus employers, employees, partners and the public on the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home and in the community.

As part of Safety and Health Week, many Manitoba employers develop safety activities in their workplace as a way to build prevention awareness with their employees and the general public. Showing your commitment to safety and health during Safety and Health Week, does not need to be complicated or expensive. The events are meant as a way to revitalize workplace commitment to safety in a fun way. Event ideas have included:

  • ​launching a recognition program to reward health and safety suggestions
  • creating a company safety calendar with reminders and tips
  • conducting workplace safety games throughout the week.

MHCA® WORKSAFELY® has been the leader in safety for the Manitoba heavy construction industry for 30-plus years with over 300 COR® certified companies. We want to thank our other industry-based safety program partners for their continued support and dedication to safety and health in the province!