SAFE Work chemical monitoring service


A SAFE Work Manitoba Support Group has been created with a multitude of valuable resources that MHCA and COR® companies can access.  SAFE Work has staff that can assist, either with or without MHCA guidance, and will keep you in the loop every step of the way so there aren’t any surprises.  The current services include:

  • Chemical monitoring, such as diesel and other combustible gases found in vehicle service shops.
  • Noise mapping and monitoring, including octave-band analyzers to aid with engineering controls (i.e. cost effective foam barriers) to alleviate the noise issues rather than turning immediately to hearing protection and all of the running costs.
  • MSI/ergonomic assessments.
  • Young worker matters, and their unique requirements.
  • Psychological health awareness, promotion and adaptation.
  • Safety culture in the workplace.
  • Expert consultation services for all items safety and health related.

SAFE Work can provide a wide variety of equipment, regularly maintained, to assist you in the above assessment and monitoring tasks. SAFE Work approaches all consults from both a safety & health perspective, as well as helping you to make the best business decision, while protecting your workers.

These services are provided free of charge to and via MHCA.

To apply for any of the above services please contact Michael Boileau at or call 1-204-954-6139.