Roadside construction zone safety

With the construction season ramping up we will be seeing an increase in roadwork and roadside construction sites. Prior to the season’s full start, it is a good opportunity to review safe-work procedures for road construction.

Please ensure:

  • your workers are properly trained and you review the details of your traffic-control plans, including proper flagger positioning and safe egress from unsafe traffic.
  • your workers are wearing the right PPE for the job, including reflective vests or clothing.
  • you perform routine inspections, remembering to document and correct any deficiencies and corrective actions.

Your work zone should also be inspected to ensure that signs, cones and barrels are placed where they will maximize safety.

For more information on traffic-control coordinator or flagger training please contact us at 204-947-1379. Any questions can be directed to your WORKSAFELY™ regional safety advisor.