Returning workers back to work

The heavy construction industry has seen continued success in recent years in reducing the frequency of injuries. In fact, the time-loss injury rate for our industry has dropped from 4.8 per 100 workers in 2015, to 2.9 per 100 workers so far in 2019.

Despite the reduction in the overall time-loss injury rate, we are seeing longer-term injuries persist, resulting in a higher average of days lost per injury, particularly in the fall months.

To see the rate of days lost per injury go down, we need to be diligent as an industry in preventing injuries and focus further on our return-to-work procedures and programs. A well-developed return-to-work program aids not only employers in areas such as compliance, worker trust and turnover, it allows injured workers to continue productive work, maintain social ties among co-workers, and much more. 

If you would like to learn more about developing or enhancing your return-to-work program, the Workers Compensation Board offers information and workshops for employers. For more information on WCB return-to-work workshops please visit their website.

Additionally, WORKSAFELYTM is developing a return-to-work workshop specific to our industry, to add to our future course offerings. If you have any questions, contact your regional safety advisor.