Overhead line strike fatality


MHCA WORKSAFELY® was saddened to learn of a fatality due to work near overhead electrical lines earlier this month. Overhead electrical and other utility lines pose a regular year-round hazard to workers and equipment operators in the heavy construction industry.

Ways to help prevent overhead electrical line strikes include:

  • Have written and communicated procedures in place for safe work around electrical lines
  • Use a signaler to direct any operators or truck drivers working near power lines
  • Ensure the signaler has a clear view of the electrical lines and the operator
  • Know the voltage of the line
  • Do not store any equipment under electrical lines
  • Know the minimum distances set by law when working near overhead lines
  • Have an emergency procedure in place should an overhead electrical line be contacted, including the emergency number for the utility

If you have any questions regarding working near overhead electrical lines or near other utilities, please contact your WORKSAFELY® regional safety advisor.