Meet Travis Knight – your new West Region WORKSAFELY® advisor

WORKSAFELY® Safety Advisor Travis Knight joined the MHCA team March 18. We wanted to give him a ‘right proper’ introduction to the western Manitoba clients and members.

What drew you to the health & safety field?
I guess you could say helping people has been something I have always wanted to do.

I worked in EMS for a few years before I started at Elite Safety Services as a rescue tech, which I did for 12 years. I also made my way into teaching and eventually, I got my NCSO. I wanted to make a change and focus more on being a Safety Advisor, which is how I came to MHCA.

Now I’m hoping that I can help keep people safe before they need EMS.

What do you see as a pressing need/issue within health and safety in construction or related areas?
We need to have more people understanding that safety does works and that we all need to work together to help make safer workplaces.

What’s your first priority, now that you’ve “settled in” with WORKSAFELY® in the west region?
I really want to start connecting with my clients, be able to advise and help them create and maintain safe work environments.

I have met with some of the clients in the Brandon region my plan is to start heading out to other companies and clients soon.

What do you want the managers or safety specialists of companies to know about you?
I want everyone to know that I’m here to help with any needs or concerns that they have. I’m a laid-back, easy-to-approach person. I want to work with them to help provide safe work environments.

Are you from Brandon/western Manitoba originally?
Yes, I was born and raised right here in Brandon. 

And when you’re not out saving the world, how do you like spending your time?
I like to go camping in the summers with my family, we attempt to fish but with very little success. In the winter I like to just stay warm.