Injury stats due to excavation trenching

During Dig Safe month (April), it is important to look at what types of injuries might occur while excavating, trenching and operating equipment. Each year dozens of time-loss injuries and line strikes occur in Manitoba. Aside from the pain and suffering to workers, injuries and line strikes carry the direct cost of the worker away from the job, and cause several indirect costs such as increased WCB premiums, training new workers, investigation costs and much more. To help avoid any serious incidents, protect workers and property ensure:

  • Workers are trained in and following all safe work practices/procedures
  • All practices/procedures involved in excavation/trenching are reviewed by management and workers
  • Correct PPE is worn at all times
  • All inspections, permits and locates are conducted as necessary
  • Emergency procedures are appropriate and practiced with workers
  • Regular safety meetings are held to discuss concerns or questions

If you have any questions regarding excavation/trenching safety please contact your regional safety advisor.