Flagperson seriously injured

Earlier this week, a flagger on a local road construction project was struck by a member of the driving public, and suffered serious injuries. We understand the driver has been charged in the incident.

The unfortunate event reinforces the importance of effective training of flagpersons on our job sites.

Given the severe nature of this incident, it is important your flagger training emphasize:

  • Correct flagperson location, so that they are highly visible and always facing traffic
  • Having a viable escape route at all times
  • Appropriately located signage, giving motorists time to adjust and react before putting flagpersons at risk
  • Supervisors on site must ensure flagpersons are trained for their job

Additionally, incidents such as this remind us of the importance of having an appropriate emergency response plan in place.

Remember that your flagpersons must recertify every three years. For more information on flagperson training, please contract Kristen at 204-947-1379 or Kristen@mhca.mb.ca.