First-aid training and kit regulation update

As part of the harmonized regulation updates, the contents of first aid kits and requirements for training are now the same across all provinces. The newly instituted standards will streamline purchasing of new kits, allow kits and training certificates to travel between provinces, as well as prevent unnecessary retraining.

The contents of the new kits must now follow CSA standard Z1220-17 and training to follow CSA standard Z1210. In Manitoba, the requirements for first aid kits contents and training were previously listed in part 5 of the workplace safety and health regulations.

First aid kit requirements differ based on several factors, such as size of the workplace, distance from healthcare services, and level of risk. The risk matrix from the Manitoba legislation is maintained in the new standard, although the supplies required for the various classes of kits differ.

The new first aid training standard includes a theory component that can be delivered in person or on site along with a practical component. Training content is to the current best practices and certificates will remain valid for 3 years. First aid certifications dating from November, 2018, have a 3-year transition time frame, allowing them to expire before training to the new standard is required.

While the standards do cost $100 each to purchase, it is possible to view the standards for free by creating a free account at CSA communities. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new harmonized standards please contact your regional safety advisor.