End of the year review sets goals for 2022


The end of the year presents the perfect time to look back on accomplishments achieved through your COR® certified safety and health program. Reviewing safety performance in 2021 can help set goals for 2022. Is your safety and health program as robust as you would like it to be? Where are you now as a company in health and safety, and where do you want to be this time next year? Such questions can act as a good starting point.

Other items to review can include:

  • Your health and safety policy; it should be the basis of your company’s safety and health action plan.
  • Do your workers have the training they require?
  • Have you reviewed all your applicable policies, practices and procedures in your safety manual to ensure they are up to date and meet current legislation and company standards?
  • Are you monitoring progress – for example, by inspecting the workplace regularly or investigating accidents or ‘near misses’ – to learn from your mistakes?
  • Have you set a date to review your safety and health performance against your plans?

As a reminder, your advisor is an excellent resource for you when reviewing your safety and health program. Please contact them for any questions you have or if there is any training you require. You can also find a wide range of resources on the WORKSAFELY® website.