Construction work in school zones


This week marks a return to school for thousands of young people around the province. It’s important to remember to slow down, not only in construction zones but in school zones. There can be construction sites in a school zone, as well.

Important things to remember when working in or near school zones:

  • Reduced speed limits to 30 km/h starting 7 a.m. through to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, and they remain in effect until the end of June
  • Increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic at pickup and drop off times
  • Outdoor classes are likely to be more frequent due to the ongoing pandemic
  • Sporting and after-school events, when the school day has ended
  • Having appropriate barriers and signage to direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic

Remember to remain alert and take care of not just your fellow workers and the public. For any questions regarding working in or around school zones please contact your regional advisor.