blue monday

Staying in Touch: Jacquelyn Oduro

January 15th is recognized as Blue Monday. Blue Monday falls on the 3rd Monday of each January and to bring attention to mental health awareness.

January is a time when the cold weather, lack of daylight and post-Christmas slump can lead to a lack of motivation, which can affect employees.

You can support your employees by:

  • Starting a conversation about mental health. For example, talk about stress and how to manage it in your safety talks
  • Being aware of behavioural changes in your coworkers and encouraging them to talk
  • Assisting workers in detecting mental health issues early and encouraging employees to access free online screening tools and resources

For resources on mental health, visit the Canadian Mental Health Association or access online training through St. John Ambulance Winnipeg. For additional resources or questions regarding mental health in the workplace, contact your regional safety advisor.